Kodiak Lake Hunting & Fishing

Retail Hunting and Fishing store located on Main Street in Barrhead, Alberta.

So we decided to take names on these instead of deposits. So if u are interested let us know if u want to be put on call list when they arrive. Projected date is May June right now.

So these Kodiak WK180-c in 5.56 on their way. These guns are non-restricted. Sweet looking guns and retail for $1000.00. Can’t beat it. We started taking deposits to make sure you get yours. Call or email if any questions.

This shotgun is a UTAS uts-15. It will hold 15 rounds of 2-3/4" shells or 13 3" shells. Pretty cool pump shotgun. Stop in check it out. Plus it retails under $1000 mark.

Then we have the new CZ shadow 2. It is a great feeling gun in your hand. Points well. Looks good with the new grips they put on it and it retails for $1365.00 range. Stop in and check it out. We have a couple of each in stock.

UTAS uts-15 CZ shadow 2

Kodiak Lake is a gun shop in Alberta with a massive selection of inventory, including ammunition, bows, handguns, and rifles. Come visit our store on Mainstreet in Barrhead. If you are outside of the area you can check our prices and availability here on our site or using the Kodiak Product Search. Our store has a wide variety of camping and fishing gear, shooting targets, outdoor clothing, and several impressive game-mounts to check out around the store.

If you are outside of Alberta give us a call, we ship products across Alberta and other Canadian provinces.